SweCog 2021 in Örebro

The 16th SweCog conference of the Swedish Cognitive Science Society will be held in Örebro, in conjunction with AIC 2021 - 8th International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition. SweCog2021 takes place between Thursday September 2nd and Thursday September 3rd. Note that AIC starts already September 1st.

Details on submission dates, invited speakers, and the conference program is in the making. More information is comming soon!

Call for Participation

SweCog invites both oral and poster presentations. We invite submissions covering all areas of cognitive science. If you would like to present, please provide a presentation abstract (up to 200 words) including a presentation title and a brief summary of your work. On-going projects are especially welcome.

Oral and poster presentation abstracts are submitted as plain text along with the conference registration. Abstracts can be submitted/updated also after registration if you prefer (see Important Dates below). Desired presentation form (oral or poster) can be indicated when submitting. Accepted abstracts are included in the conference proceedings.

If the number of submitted oral presentations exceed the number of slots, priority will be given based on scientific quality as well as geographical and topical spread.

Optional short paper submission

If you want, you may also submit a short paper, not mandatory for presentation. We invite submissions covering all areas of cognitive science. Submitted manuscripts will undergo single blinded review and accepted contributions will be included in the conference proceedings. Submissions describing on-going work are especially welcome.

Short paper submissions should be written using our provided formatting template, covering 1 to 3 pages including images and references. All submissions will be subject to a single-blinded review primarily focused on providing constructive feedback to the author.

Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format.


Registration for SweCog 2021 is free of charge. However, a small cost may be assosiated with the conference dinner.

If you want to attend also AIC 2020, note that you need to register for this event separately.

Registration opens Mar 1, 2021.


Head organizer: Hadi Banaee, Örebro University.

Main SweCog contact: info@swecog.se.