SweCog 2018 Conference

Warmly welcome to the 14th SweCog national conference.

The aim of SweCog is to support networking among researchers in Sweden, with the goal of creating a strong interdisciplinary cluster of cognitive science oriented research.

This year's conference will be held in Linköping, October 11 and 12, 2018.

Conference registration (including dinner, lunch, and refreshments) is free for all SweCog members. Accommodation and travel to and from the conference are, however, not covered by SweCog.

Call for conference presentations

Swecog 2018 invites both oral and poster presentations. If you would like to present, please provide a presentation abstract (up to 200 words) including a presentation title and a brief summary of your work. On-going projects are especially welcome.

Presentation abstracts are submitted in the corresponding textfield, found in the registration form. The author can also indicate desired presentation form (verbal or poster) at submission time.

Posters are not to be submitted, please print yourself and bring to the conference.

Call for Short Papers

In addition to the presentation abstract, you may submit a short paper, not mandatory for presentation. We invite submissions covering all areas of cognitive science. Submitted manuscripts will undergo single blinded review and accepted contributions will be included in the Swecog 2018 conference proceedings. Submissions describing on-going work are especially welcome.

Paper submissions should be written using our template, covering 1 to 3 pages including images and references.

All submissions will be subject to a single-blinded review primarily focused on providing constructive feedback to the author. Based on reviews, the editors will select the best papers for verbal presentation at the conference. Submissions covering significantly less than one page will not be accepted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format. Authors can either submit at registration time or later (by logging in to the member page).


Registration for SweCog 2018 has not yet opended.


Fredrik Stjernberg,
Nils Dahlbäck,

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