SweCog 2024 in Stockholm

The 19th conference of the Swedish Cognitive Science Society will be held in Stockholm. The conference is free for all members and will take place between Thursday October 10th and Friday October 11th.

The conference program is now available, please see below!
Submission is now open, please see below!

Invited Speakers

Christian Doeller, Professor, Max Planck Institute

Structuring experience in cognitive spaces

Maria Chait, Professor, University College London

From survival in the wild to music enjoyment - how the human brain discovers structure in sound sequences

Åsa Wikforss, Professor, Stockholm University

Cognition and the social dimensions of knowledge

Important dates

2024-06-14 Submission deadline for abstracts and short papers
2024-08-30 Response from reviewers
2024-09-25 Submission deadline for revised camera-ready abstracts and short papers
2024-09-25 Deadline for registration
2024-10-10 Conference starts

Call for Participation

SweCog invites both oral and poster presentations, covering all areas of cognitive science. We welcome presentations of on-going work as well as recently finished studies. If you would like to present, please submit a presentation abstract or a short paper, following the specification stated below. Desired presentation form (oral or poster) can be indicated when submitting. To avoid duplicates, only the presenting author submits the contribution. For joint presentations or other specific requests, please contact organizers over email.

Abstract submission

Submitted abstracts should be up to 200 words as plain text along with the conference registration. All accepted abstracts are included in the SweCog conference proceedings, which are published online.

Short paper submission

Submitted short paper manuscripts may comprise up to 1200 words, excluding title and references. Manuscripts are submitted as text through the conference management system and should follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition (APA 7) wherever applicable. Note that you can submit ONE figure/table/image per short paper. If you have more than one figure/table please combine these into one image with several panels before uploading. Each figure panel should be labeled with A, B, etc, and they should be referenced in the text as (Figure 1A), (Figure 1D), etc. The explanatory figure text should be part of the image, and placed above the graphic elements as per APA 7.  Please use the separate field below the text to choose and upload the image. The figure must be JPEG or PNG format.

Submitted short papers will be reviewed by two external reviewers, focusing on providing constructive feedback to the author. Accepted contributions will be included in the SweCog conference proceedings. The review process is by default fully open, revealing both authors and reviewers names. Reviewers can however request to be anonymous. Authors of accepted contributions will also be asked to revise their short papers based on the review before submitting the final, camera ready, version.


Oral presentation
Participants accepted for oral presentation are asked to prepare a 15 minute presentation, preferably using PowerPoint or similar visual support. An additional 5 minutes is reserved for questions. If the number of submitted oral presentations exceeds the number of slots, priority will be given to short papers, while considering scientific quality, topical spread, and speaker diversity.

Poster presentation
Participants accepted for poster presentation are asked to prepare a poster that you print and bring to the conference. Details on poster size will be provided closer to the conference.

Registration and submission

Submission of abstracts and short papers is now open. It is however not possible to register just yet. The conference registration will open during May, 2024.

Preliminary Conference Programme

Thursday October 10th

09:00 — 12:00 Pre-conference workshops, site-visits, and social sessions
12:00 — 12:50 Conference Registration
12:50 — 13:00 Conference opening
13:00 — 13:50 Invited speaker: Maria ChaitFrom survival in the wild to music enjoyment - how the human brain discovers structure in sound experiences
13:50 — 15:15 Oral presentations (session 1)
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 — 16:50 Oral presentations (session 2)
16:50 — 17:30 Poster session 1
19:00 Conference dinner (for presenters)

Friday October 11th

09:00 — 09:50 Invited speaker: Christian Doeller:Structuring experiences in cognitive spaces
09:50 Coffee Break
10:10 — 11:50 Oral presentations (session 3)
11:50 Lunch
13:00 — 14:00 Oral presentations (session 4)
14:00 — 15:00 Invited speaker: Åsa Wikforss:Cognition and the social dimensions of knowledge
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 — 16:00 Poster session 2
16:00 — 16:40 Panel discussion
16:40 — 16:50 Closing


The conference takes place at Aula Magna, Stockholm University.


Jonas Olofsson (Chair), Dept. of Psychology, Stockholm University


Head organizer: Jonas Olofsson.

Questions on proceedings and submissions are sent to info@swecog.se.