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SweCog 2018 Conference

Warmly welcome to the 14th SweCog national conference.

The aim of SweCog is to support networking among researchers in Sweden, with the goal of creating a strong interdisciplinary cluster of cognitive science oriented research.

This year's conference will be held in Linköping, October 11 and 12, 2018.

Conference registration (including dinner, lunch, and refreshments) is free for all SweCog members. Accommodation and travel to and from the conference are, however, not covered by SweCog.

The conference is organised with support from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FILFAK) and the departments of Culture and Communication (IKK) and Computer and Information Science (IDA) at Linköping University, along with support from Cambio Healthcare Systems and Visual Sweden.

Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce the following four invited speakers for the conference:

Conference Programme

Thursday October 11th Ada Augusta Lovelace (B-building, Campus Valla, LiU)

12:00 — 13:00 Registration
13:00 — 13:15 Welcome
13:15 — 14:00 Invited speaker - Claes von Hofsten (Uppsala)
Cognitive Science Reflections
14:00 — 14:30 Merve Akca (Oslo)
Time course of selective attention for instrumental timbres and human voice (p. 7-8)
14:30 — 15:00 Coffee in Ljusgården
15:00 — 15:30 Robert Johansson (Linköping)
Arbitrarily applicable relational responding as non-axiomatic logical reasoning
15:30 — 16:00 Sara Mahmoud (Skövde)
Self-driving cars learn by imagination
16:00 — 16:15 Break
16:15 — 17:00 Invited speaker - Anders Arweström Jansson (Uppsala)
How many people does it take to keep AI employed? — Critical reflections on autonomy and decision making in man and machine
17:00 — 18:30 Poster session and coffee in Ljusgården
19:00 Conference dinner at Universitetsklubben

Friday October 12th Ada Augusta Lovelace (B-building, Campus Valla, LiU)

09:00 — 09:45 Invited speaker - Ginevra Castellano (Uppsala)
Building socially engaging interactions with robots
09:45 — 10:15 Coffee in Ljusgården
10:15 — 10:45 Annika Silvervarg (Linköping)
What dimensions of virtual agent appearance matters? – Exploring preferences of children and adults
10:45 — 11:15 Erik Billing (Skövde)
Robot-Enhanced Therapy for Children with Autism
11:15 — 11:45 Vladislav Maraev (Göteborg)
Laughter in interactions with humans and machines
11:45 — 12:00 Visual Sweden
12:00 — 13:00 Lunch in Ljusgården
13:00 — 13:30 Sara Stillesjö (Umeå)
Dynamic changes in precuneus activity during exemplar-based learning: support for a declarative account
13:30 — 14:00 Andreas Falk (Lund)
Contagion of beliefs as an underpinning of Theory of Mind
14:00 — 14:15 Break
14:15 — 15:00 Invited speaker - Pär Nyström (Uppsala)
Boosting cognitive development using gadgets and games
15:00 — 15:15 Conference closing and Coffee in Ljusgården
15:15 — 15:45 SweCog annual member's meeting

Call for Participation

Conference Presentations

Swecog 2018 invites both oral and poster presentations. If you would like to present, please provide a presentation abstract (up to 200 words) including a presentation title and a brief summary of your work. On-going projects are especially welcome.

Oral and poster presentation abstracts are submitted as PDF files with no formal formatting requirements. Submissions can be made uploaded at time of registration or at a later date (see Important Dates below). The author can also indicate desired presentation form (oral or poster) when submitting.

Posters are not to be submitted, please print yourself and bring to the conference.

Short Papers

In addition to the presentation abstract, you may submit a short paper, not mandatory for presentation. We invite submissions covering all areas of cognitive science. Submitted manuscripts will undergo single blinded review and accepted contributions will be included in the Swecog 2018 conference proceedings. Submissions describing on-going work are especially welcome.

Paper submissions should be written using our provided formatting template, covering 1 to 3 pages including images and references.

All submissions will be subject to a single-blinded review primarily focused on providing constructive feedback to the author. Based on reviews, the editors will select the best papers for oral presentation at the conference. Submissions covering significantly less than one page will not be accepted.

Manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format. Authors can either submit at registration time or later (by logging in to the member page).

Important Dates

2018-09-11 Submission deadline for abstracts and short papers
2018-09-25 Response from reviewers
2018-09-27 Deadline for registration to Swecog 2018
2018-10-02 Submission of camera-ready short papers


If you are a member of the SweCog society, then please log in to register with the conference. Otherwise, please visit our registration page to become a member and to register your participation in the conference.

Getting here

Walking from the city centre to the campus is about 45 minutes (3,5 km).

Public transportations in Linköping

There are bus services from the train station (Linköping Resecentrum) and city center (Trädgårdstorget) to Campus Valla, and the bus stops near to the campus are: Universitetet, Universitetet Golfbanan, Vallfarten, VTI, Mäster Mattias väg, FOI, and Campushallen.

Public transport is operated by Östgötatrafiken. Please observe that you cannot buy tickets on the bus. You can find more information at Östgötatrafiken's website.

Airports and trains

Linköping City Airport website.
To book a train ticket, visit the SJ website:
There are also other national bus and train operators.


Department of Computer and Information Science
Campus Valla
Linköping University
Venue: Augusta Ada Lovelace: Entrence 27 or 27C.

All talks will be in conference hall Ada Lovelace in the B-building

Poster presentations and coffee breaks will be in Ljusgården which is located adjacent to the conference hall.

Registration will be outside Ada Lovelace

The conference dinner will be on campus at Universitetsklubben (Vallfarten).


Hotels, restaurants, etc. can be found via the tourist information website of Linköping


Fredrik Stjernberg,
Nils Dahlbäck,